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Yeah, yeah, the bath/orgy scene everyone talks about. But there are so much more.

Like the scene where Lito and Nomi sit together at the Diego Rivera Museum and Lito tells Nomi about his first date with Hernando at that museum, and Nomi tells him about her experiences as a boy who wasn't in terms with what he was at a swimming class where she was abused.

(I love how the two LGBT characters in this show are in loving, meaningful relationships outside of the Cluster; I love how it's one of the most constant thing in their lives).

There's the scene that Wolf shoots a FUCKING ROCKET into his cousin's car after Lito helps him escape by lying. A FUCKING ROCKET. You gotta love that, man. It's fucking BRILLIANT.

The scenes with Wolf and Kala are wonderful - they're so quiet (the scenes, that is). It's amazing - both their lives are noisy, gritty, colorful. You only have to remember the shoe scene with Felix (or every scene with Felix) and Kala's dad's restaurant or engagement party scene, and realize that when these two meet, they have quiet moments together. Even when they speak two different languages in the bathroom (totally hilarious), they speak quietly, and on the Mumbai Roof it's mostly emphasized.

I love how Capheus is always optimistic. He lives a shitty life. His mom is dying with AIDS. he lost his dad and he and his mom had to leave their home and give up his baby sister. He works hard for a living barely enough to get by - and still, he is always smiling. He always says "I've got a feeling today will be a good day". Even when he tells Riley about his sister he is optimistic. He loves fireworks, he sits with Will and Sun on Will's dad's boat and they watch it together. He reminds me of my grandfather.

Sun fighting as herself and as Capheus, as Nomi, is so fun to watch. Of course the petite, stoic, Asian women will be the best fighter. Her scenes in the prison are banal, but well played. And I love how she says she misses her dog. Of course she would.

I love how Lito gets her cramps and crabbiness when she's on her period. She treats it as most woman would, with annoyance and acceptance, but he totally loses it. I couldn't stop laughing when he told his make up artist that he felt "a little bloated today". He also started screaming at other drivers and crying in the car. I actually had that happen to me a few times. He just doesn't know how to deal with that. Dude. Really.

Nomi and Amanita together are a sight. Watching them together in Pride is so fucking gorgeous it makes my heart ache. Amanita springing Nomi from the hospital to "What's up" (that whole scene, oh my god). SO GOOD.

I love the birth scene. It's meant to be loved, it's wonderful. It's pure joy. Pure catharsis. For a second, nothing mattered but mother and child, and then you get hit by seeing Riley giving birth, and that horrible feeling crashes over you like a fucking tsunami.

Seeing Riley's backstory is.. So hard. You know she had loses, but you think it was just her mother. But it wasn't. She lost a husband and a child at the same day, she was only saved (by another Sensate) because of what she is when all she wanted was to die. Seeing that play out finally made me realize why she was the most fragile, what seemed like the weakest link. In the end, though, she held on. She saved them all even though she was scared to death. Even though some part of her wanted to die. She did it with her fear, and it was beautiful.
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