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I've had a spread sheet to maintain all my TV shows for the past three years now, since it has become my go-to medium for the consumption of stories. I can see patterns there, as well.

Out of 20 TV shows I watch regularly, only two are comedies. Big Bang Theory is just a fun thing, and I've been watching it for years. It's still fun. Awkward really lost its footing this past season, but since it's renewed for a fifth and final season, I'll stick to it until the end.

I seem to have conservative taste in comedies - I really don't like the single camera comedies, even the good few, and the few newer comedies who make me laugh I don't have a connection strong enough to maintain a watching habit (2 Broke Girls fall under that category - I'll watch the occasional episode, but I don't really care).

I have three procedurals, Bones and Castle are the older two and Forever is the new one. Bones have long since jumped the shark, but it's still sweet (SWEETS, OH GOD, WHY DID THEY KILL YOU), and I pray it'll end this year. Castle, well, it did an annoying thing the beginning of this season, but it still has more life in it than Bones. If I still find it entertaining I keep watching, even if it takes a few days for me to watch. Forever is really nice,even though I don't really like the female detective (can't even remember her name, but I didn't like Kate in Castle in the beginning as well), but Henry is all fun and games, and Abe is awesome, and the fact that Abe looks like his dad and is actually his son is hilarious. Oh, and... Jo? Yeah, Jo, she actually wears SENSIBLE SHOES. I can't express how good that makes me feel to see a female detective without high heels (how the fuck do they run with those?). Oh, and her hair is also almost always tied in a ponytail. THANK YOU FOR A LITTLE BIT OF CREDIBILITY.

Person of Interest gets an entire category for itself. Procedural as it might be sometimes, it has become a. my favorite TV show, and b. an incredible serialized story based show. Who ever though a CBS show could be THAT GOOD?

Other cop and spy shows (in multitude of types) are Broadchurch, True Detective, Banshee, The Americans, Sherlock and to some extant, Sleepy Hollow.

Broadchurch and True Detective are the most "ordinary". Great shows, both of them, awesome writing, directing and acting, but they work in a well known fashion - one mystery, one season, work through secrets, horrible people, change suspect two or three times and solve the case. True Detective was amazing in what it did with its characters, and some scenes were unbelievably breathtaking. Broadchurch was nice, but I called the killer by the end of the first episode, and it was killing for the reason I feared.

The Americans is a wonderful show. It mixes spy stuff, 80's stuff, family stuff and an array of extras, and it WORKS WITH ALL OF THEM. It has some of the best characters I know on TV today, and the end of the second season was just as shocking as the writers intended . I did NOT see that coming. Shows that are able to surprise me get a place of honor, since it has become quite difficult over the years.

Sleepy Hollow is ridiculous. Really, it's ridiculous, and fun, and supernatural-y, and the end of the first season was not only shocking but also gut wrenching in a good way. It keeps being ridiculous, and Ichabod is the FUNNIEST THING IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY EVER, but it also builds layers and layers of meaning, and it deals, like the best of Dramas, in Human Emotions. One of the best TV shows of last year, and continues to be one of my favorites.

Banshee has so much sex and violence it sometimes seems mindless. I was extremely happy to find out otherwise. A show I've watched since day one, and one of the best character-driven shows on screen today, in my opinion. There are so many conflicting forces there, you could go on forever just trying to sort them out. It's fun, it's interesting, and what drives the character is believable. The action is less believable, but it can be super entertaining. I can't wait for the third season in January.

Sherlock is just Sherlock. I know this show has its very loud opposers, but I love it to bits. Sherlock, John and most recently Mary are incredible characters, so unbelievably well written and acted, and the relationships in this show are fucked up and layered and fun to watch. I'm Sherlocked, without a doubt.

Time periods are also a genre I love - Downton Abbey, Outlander, Masters of Sex. Downton Abbey and Masters of Sex are both quite similar in their premises, unless you count the fact that MoS is based on true people. Masters of Sex is very well written and performed in a surgical precision. Downton Abbey has tons of characters, tons of relationships and has been quite stable and un-amazing for while now. It's still fun, but it's not as innovative as it once was. Rumors has it it will end after its sixth season (it's currenty on its fifth), and I think it'll be wise to finish the story. Masters of Sex still has quite a lot of life in it, but then again, it's only just finished (brilliantly, I might add) its second season.

Outlander is so much fun and hotties I can't even talk about it without some cold water. Sure, it had a few annoying lashing scenes and almost-rape scenes... But still. JAMIE. OH GOD. Very nice recent addition to my addictions.

Stand alone dramas include Game of Thrones (duh), Orange is the new Black, Orphan Black and Rectify. Game of Thrones is a given, and I won't state my opinion on it, since it's so well known (but seriously, SO MUCH DEATH). Orange is the New Black is great, funny enough and moving enough, and has so many characters who cares if the main one is a bit unbearable?

Rectify is one of the best character studies out there, and is so subtle you need to watch is super carefully. It's one of the worst shows for binge-watching as well, since it's somewhat depressing (Uh, yeah, maybe not "somewhat". Think The Glass Jar). Very slow, very condensed, very heavy. If you want to dig, this is definitely the show for you.

As for Orphan Black, it's probably the best Sci-Fi action drama I'm currently watching, and one of the best of recent years. I'm sorry, but any show that can take one actress and have her play 8 different characters BRILLIANTLY, is awesome in my book.

I've also a waiting list for shows, which includes Fargo, Da-Vinci's Demons, Haven and H+, and a few shows I'm in the middle of (like Penny Dreadful and Transparent), but I think this is enough.

I've wanted to write this post for months now. Yey.
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